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 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

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MesazhTitulli: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5   Sun May 04, 2008 1:02 pm

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, released in March 2007, contains more than 1200 components with development spanning over a two year period, so there are a huge number of new features covering a broad range of functionality. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 provides CIOs and IT managers with the means to reduce costs while improving operational flexibility throughout their computing infrastructure.

The following list provides a brief summary of the more important enhancements. For additional details, see the server and desktop product sections.

Virtualization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Virtualization is provided in all Server products and is optionally available for Client products
Storage and extended server virtualization are provided with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform
Red Hat Network supports virtualized guest operating systems
virt-manager, libvirt/virsh management tools
Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Virtualization
Kernel and Performance
Based on the Linux 2.6.18 kernel
Support for multi-core processors
Broad range of new hardware support
Updated crash dump capability provided by Kexec/Kdump
Support for Intel Network Accelerator Technology (IOAT)
Numerous enhancements for large SMP systems
Enhanced pipe buffering
IPv4/IPv6 fragmentation offload and buffer management
Dynamically switchable per-queue I/O schedulers
Kernel buffer splice capability for improved I/O buffer operations
Transition of previous Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, ES, WS and Red Hat Desktop offerings with simplified server and client products:

View version comparison chart
View subscription comparison chart


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform - formerly known as Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS
Red Hat Enterprise Linux - formerly known as Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES
View server comparison chart


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop - formerly known as Red Hat Desktop
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop with Workstation option - formerly known as Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS
View desktop comparison chart

SELinux enhancements include Multi-Level Security and targeted policies for all services
SEtroubleshooter GUI simplifies SELinux management
Integrated directory and security capabilities
IPSEC enhancements improve security and performance
ExecShield enhancements, such as a call frame Canary word, strengthen hacker defenses
New Audit features provide powerful new search/reporting and real-time monitoring
Networking & Interoperability
Network storage enhancements include Autofs, FS-Cache, and iSCSI support
IPv6 support and conformance enhancements
Improved Microsoft ® file/print and Active Directory integration
Desktop enhancements include updated configuration tools, applications, and laptop support
Foundational Stateless Linux features (X autoconfigure, NetworkManager, etc.)
Improved ACPI support with features such as suspend to disk
Smart card login - with PKI/Kerberos authentication
Integrated multimedia support
Enhanced plug and play hardware support (cameras, printers, scanners, etc.)
Network Manager provides automatic wired and wireless network configuration
Enhanced graphics using AIGLX/Compiz (with fading, transparency, etc.)
Development Environment
Enhanced application development tools including SystemTap profiler and Frysk debugger
GCC 4.1 and glibc 2.5 toolchain
Support for root device multipath IO (MPIO) improves availability
Single system/guest version of Red Hat Global File System included in the base server product
Block device data encryption support
Numerous installer improvements make system configuration simpler
Yum/Pup-based updater for Red Hat Network
Conga cluster and storage management (with Advanced Platform)

Cito: RHE5-CD1.part1.rar RHE5-CD1.part2.rar RHE5-CD1.part3.rar RHE5-CD1.part4.rar RHE5-CD1.part5.rar RHE5-CD1.part6.rar RHE5-CD1.part7.rar
Cito: RHE5-CD2.part1.rar RHE5-CD2.part2.rar RHE5-CD2.part3.rar RHE5-CD2.part4.rar RHE5-CD2.part5.rar RHE5-CD2.part6.rar RHE5-CD2.part7.rar RHE5-CD2.part8.rar
Cito: RHE5-CD3.part1.rar RHE5-CD3.part2.rar RHE5-CD3.part3.rar RHE5-CD3.part4.rar RHE5-CD3.part5.rar RHE5-CD3.part6.rar RHE5-CD3.part7.rar RHE5-CD3.part8.rar
Cito: RHE5-CD4.part1.rar RHE5-CD4.part2.rar RHE5-CD4.part3.rar RHE5-CD4.part4.rar RHE5-CD4.part5.rar RHE5-CD4.part6.rar RHE5-CD4.part7.rar RHE5-CD4.part8.rar
Cito: RHE5-CD5.part1.rar RHE5-CD5.part2.rar RHE5-CD5.part3.rar


Group: aTTacKers

Group: aTTacKers
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
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